The Center for Disease Analysis (CDA) helps clients assess the value of options under consideration to support strategic decision-making. We use multiple definitions of value from the number of patients cured to expected net present value. Inherit to the value measure is a measure of cost (e.g., total financial cost, cost due to loss of life/disability, etc.). In each case, we develop a systematic process to measure value and cost across all alternatives.

We use proven valuation techniques that appropriately capture the risk, cost, value, and timing to assess and compare alternatives. Inherent in our process is identification of alternatives, evaluation of risk, assessment of key uncertainties, identification of the key drivers through sensitivity analysis, and generation of potential ranges of outcomes. Our process not only delivers a value measure, but it also helps clients better understand the likelihood of outcomes and their impact on the decision. This allows them to develop contingency plans and assists them in making good decisions.


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